Compatibility studies initiated for the Radio Astronomy 6.6 GHz band at ITU-R Working Party 7D

With an increased pressure on the important radio astronomy band 6650 – 6675.2 MHz used for observations of methanol spectral lines, CRAF proposed to initiate compatibility studies at ITU-R Working Party 7D (WP7D) during its last meeting in September 2021. The studies aims at radio astronomy protection from existing active services in the 6-7 GHz band such as the Fixed services and Fixed Satellite Services, as well as the potential allocation to new services such as the International Mobile Telecommunication (IMT) services. CRAF has also provided compatibility studies for the RAS-IMT section. WP7D approved the studies scope and a new working document towards a preliminary draft new Report [RAS 6-7 GHz] was initiated.