CRAF to initiate studies on the aggregate interference from multiple satellite systems at CEPT-ECC

With the expected enormous increase in the number of satellite systems planned to operate during the next decade, CRAF proposed to initiate studies at CEPT-ECC to define a methodology to assess the aggregate effect of satellite systems into existing RAS bands/stations in Europe. Currently, the studies for RAS protection are carried out based on the data loss criteria defined by ITU-R regulations not to exceed the 2% level per individual system. The ITU-R regulations also defines a total data loss limit of 5% from aggregated interference that the RAS has to accept from multiple systems. However, no clear procedures have been established till now on how to implement this aggregate limit practically due to its complexity. Several aspects will need to be taken into consideration, among these are the individual contribution of each satellite system to the overall data loss in certain RAS bands and whether satellite systems could share the burden of reducing the total data loss in case of exceeding the 5% threshold.

The proposal concept was initially approved by ECC project team SE40 of space services and a new work item is expected to be formally approved during the next ECC plenary.