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Proposals to the Draft CEPT Brief on WRC-23 agenda item 1.5


RAS protection in ECC/DEC(17)04


Preparations of WRC-23 agenda item Information on spectrum use and spectrum needs of the Radio Astronomy Service within the frequency band 470-960 MHz in Region 1 


The use of the bands 47.2-50.2 GHz and 50.4-52.4 GHz by the fixed-satellite service (Earth-to-space)


Compatibility studies for HIBS-RAS spurious emissions under WRC-23 AI1.4.


Compatibility studies for RAS protection under WRC-23 AI1.2.










SE24 WI71 #15 – Update of the Report for the conclusion of the chapter 5 of the draft report “Sharing and Compatibility study with radio astronomy service”


PTD-1 – RAS Spectrum needs within the frequency band 470-960 MHz in Region 1


SE24 WI63#4 – Clutter issue in RAS compatibility study


Comments on ECC Deliverable“Draft revision of ERC Decision (99)06 – annexes 1 and 2”


 CRAF preliminary positions on WRC-23 agenda items



CRAF-20-9 CRAF Proposal for aggregate interference studies for satellite systems
CRAF-20-8 CRAF comments on short range devices in the range 116-260 GHz
CRAF-20-7 CRAF input document for VGOS to ITU working party 7D
CRAF-20-6 CRAF info on the band 42.5-43.5 GHz to the IMT studies at ECC-PT1
CRAF-20-5 Compatibility analysis (inter-service and intra service) for S-PCS below 1 GHz
CRAF-20-4 SatMoU Satellite Monitoring Station
CRAF-20-3 Iridium vs RAS 1610.6 – 1613.8 MHz
CRAF-20-2 SE24 – WI71 – Radiodetermination applications in the frequency range 116-260 GHz
CRAF-20-1 Draft ECC Report on SE24 –  WI70 : Feasibility of spectrum sharing between High-Definition Ground Based Synthetic Aperture Radar (HD-GBSAR) application using 1 GHz bandwidth within 74-81 GHz and existing services and applications.
CRAF-19-1 CRAF position for WRC19
CRAF-15-1 CRAF position on WRC-15 Agenda Items relevant to Radio Astronomy
CRAF-13-1 CRAF positions on WRC-15 Agenda Items of interest to the RAS as of January 2013
CRAF-11-3 CRAF positions on WRC-12 Agenda Items of interest to the RAS
CRAF-11-2 Scaling of Interference Limits given in ITU-R RA.769
CRAF-11-1 Wind turbines and radio astronomy stations
CRAF-10-12 Draft CRAF/IUCAF Recommendation on Publications on interference mitigation
CRAF-04-1 On Self-generated RFI at Radio Astronomy Sites
CRAF-03-1 Tolerable probability of lower level interference for radio astronomy + Annex
CRAF-01-3 Mandate of CRAF members in meetings
CRAF-01-2 CRAF EMI and Spectrum Occupancy Database
CRAF-01-1 User guide for the SE28 Monte Carlo software developed for co-ordination of MES/MSS operating in the bands 1610.6-1613.8 MHz and 1660.0-1660.5 MHz with radio astronomy observations
CRAF-99-5 Update CRAF-Iridium workplan (1 January 2000)
CRAF-99-4 Co-ordination with GLOBALSTAR MESs in the band 1610.6-1613.8 MHz
CRAF-99-3 Radio Astronomy in the Frequency Range 862-3400 MHz (input document to DSI-III)
CRAF-99-2 Notification of Radio Astronomy Stations
CRAF-98-1 CRAF Position on Agenda WRC-2000 Items
CRAF-94-1 Radio Spectrum Use by the Radio Astronomy Service in Europe in the Frequency Band 29.7 to 960 MHz
CRAF-90-3 Spread Spectrum: What it is, what it is for, its Properties, with recommendations for Minimizing its Deleterious Side-Effects, particularly on Radio Astronomy
CRAF-90-2 The View of the ESF on: The LOCSTAR Proposal for blanking Radiotelescopes when a detectable LOCSTAR Transmission occurs


Committee on Radio Astronomy Frequencies