List of abbreviations: E

EARSeL European Association of Remote Sensing Laboratories
EAS European Astronomical Society
EBA European Broadcasting Agreement
EBA European Broadcasting Area
EBU European Broadcasting Union
EC European Commission
ECA European Common Allocation (CEPT)
ECC Electronics Communications Committee (CEPT)
ECCA European Cable Communications Association
ECO European Communications Office (CEPT)
ECP European Common Proposal (CEPT)
ECTRA European Committee for Telecommunications Regulatory Affairs
EDRS European Data Relay Satellite (ESA)
EDRSS European Data Relay Satellite System
EEA European Economic Area
EES Earth Exploration Satellite
EESS Earth Exploration Satellite Service
EFTA European Free Trade Association
EGC Enhanced Group Call
E-GSM Extended GSM
EHF Frequency range 3 to 30 GHz
EICTA European Information and Communication Technology Association
EIN Equivalent Input Noise
EIRP Effective Isotropic Radiated Power
EISCAT European Incoherent Scatter Scientific Association
ELF Extremely Low Frequency (< 3 kHz)
EM Electromagnetic
EMC Electromagnetic Compatibility
EMI Electromagnetic Interference
EMR Electromagnetic Radiation
EMTEL Emergency Telecommunications
EN European Norm
ENG Electronic News Gathering
ENG/OB Electronic News Gathering/Outside Broadcasting
EOS Earth Observation Satellite
EOSS Earth Observation Satellite System
EPFD Equivalent Power Flux Density
EPIRB Emergency position-indicating radio beacon
EPP European Polar Platform
EPPA European Public Paging Association
ERC European Radiocommunications Committee (CEPT)
ERMES Enhanced Radio Message System
ERO European Radiocommunications Office (CEPT)
ERP Effective Radiated Power (relative to a half-power dipole)
ESA European Space Agency
ESCAP Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific
ESF European Science Foundation
ESPA European Manufactorers of Personal Wireless Communications Equipment
ESOC European Space Operation Center
ESR EISCAT Svalbard Radar
ESTEC European Space Research and Technology Centre
ESV Earth Station on Board Vessel
E-TDMA Extended Time Division Multiple Access
ETNO European Public Telecommunications Network Operators’ Association
ETO European Telecommunication Office
ETS European Telecommunication Standard
ETSI European Telecommunication Standards Institute
EU European Union
EUTELSAT European Telecommunication Satellite Organization
EUMETSAT European Meteorological Satellite Organisation
EVA Extra Vehicular Activity
EVN European VLBI Network


Committee on Radio Astronomy Frequencies