List of abbreviations: M

MAS Meteorological Aids Service
MAT Mobile Aeronautical Telemetry
MBS Mobile Broadband System
MC Monte Carlo (methodology)
MDS Multipoint Distribution Service
MEO Medium Earth Orbit (satellite)
MERLIN Multi-Element Radio Linked INterferometer (GB)
MES Mobile Earth Station
MESA Mobility for Emergency and Safety Applications
MetA Meteorological Aid Service
METSAT Meteorological Satellite
MetS Meteorological-Satellite Service
MF Medium Frequency (300 to 3000 kHz)
MIDS Multifunctional Information Distribution System
MIFR Master International Frequency Register
MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA)
ML Mobile station (in a mobile radio system)
MLS Microwave Landing System
MLS Microwave Limb Sounding
MM Maritime Mobile Service
MMARC Maritime Mobile Radio Conference
MMDS Multimedia Multipoint Distribution System
MMS Maritime Mobile Service
MMSS Maritime Mobile-Satellite Service
MNP Mobile Number Portability
MOB Mobile (use in the designation of certain WARCs)
MoU Memorandum of Understanding
MRC Milestone Review Commitee (CEPT)
MRN Maritime Radionavigation Service
MRNS Maritime Radionavigation Service
MRNSS Maritime Radionavigation-Satellite Service
MS Mobile Service
MS Mobile Station
MSA Meteor Scatter Applications
MSS Mobile Satellite Service
MVDS Multipoint Video Distribution System
MWS Multimedia Wireless Systems


Committee on Radio Astronomy Frequencies