List of abbreviations: P

PAL Phase Alternated Line (TV standard)
PAMR Public Access Mobile Radio
PAN Personal Area Network
PAN Public-Access Network
PC Plenipotentiary Conference (ITU)
PCIA Personal Communications Industry Association (USA)
PCM Pulse Code Modulation
PCN Personal Communications Network
PCP Private Carrier Paging
PCS Personal Communications Service
PDDR Public Protection and Disaster Relief
PDF Probability Density Function
PESC Standing Committee on Physical and Engineering Sciences (ESF)
PFD Power Flux Density (usually dBs[watts.m-2])
PLC Power Line Communications
PLT Power Line Transmissions
PMP Point-to-multipoint
PMR Professional Mobile Radio
PMR Private Mobile Radio
PN Pseudorandom Noise
PNO Public Network Operators
PP Plenipotentiary Meeting (ITU)
PP Point-to-point
PPARC Particle Physics and Astronomy Research Council (GB)
POFS Private Operational Fixed Service
PSK Phase Shift Keying
PSPP Public Safety Partnership Project
PSTN Public Switched Telephone Network
PT Project Team
PTB Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (D)
PTC Pacific Telecommunications Council
PTO Public Telecommunications Operator
PTT Post, Telegraph, Telephone (i.e. government ministry for -)
PWAP Private Wide Area Paging


Committee on Radio Astronomy Frequencies