List of abbreviations: S

SAB Services Ancillary to Broadcasting
SAP Services Ancillary to Programme making
SAP Satellite Action Plan
SAP-REG Satellite Action Plan Regulatory Group
SAR Search and Rescue
SAR Synthetic Aperture Radar
SARP ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices
SARSAT Satellite-Aided Search and Rescue Project
SAT Satellite
SATCOM Satellite Communications (USA)
SBS Strict Band Segmentation
SC Special Committee on Regulatory/Procedural Matters (ITU)
SCAR Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research
SCOPE Scientific Committee on Problems of the Environment
SCOSTEP Scientific Committee on Solar Terrestrial Physics
SCPT Single channel per transponder
SCT Scientific Committee on Telecommunications (URSI)
S-DAB Satellite Digital Audio Broadcasting
SDARS Satellite Direct Audio Radio Service
SDMA Space Division Mulitple Access
SDR Software Digital Radio
SE (Working Group) Spectrum Engineering (ECC)
SERC Science and Engineering Council (GB)
SES Satellite Earth Stations and Systems
SES Ship Earth Station
SESC Space Environment Service Center
SETI Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence
SFCG Space Frequency Coordination Group
SFS Standard Frequency and Time Signal Service
SFTSS Standard Frequency and Time Signal-Satellite Service
SGLS Space-Groundlink Subsystem
SHF Super High Frequency (3 to 30 GHz)
SITE Satellite Instructional Television Experiment
SKA Square Kilometer Array
SMR Sub-Millimeter Radiometer
SMS Short Message Service
SNG Satellite News Gathering
SO Space Operation Service
SOLAS Safety of Life at Sea
SOS Space Operation Service
SPAC Spectrum Planning and Advisory Committee (USA)
S-PCS Satellite Personal Communication Services
SPFD Spectral Power Flux Density (dB[Watts.m-2.Hz-1])
SPIE International Society for Optical Engineering
SPS Spectrum Planning Subcommittee (USA)
SR Space Research
SRBR Short Range Business Radio
SRD Short Range Device
SRD/MG Short Range Device Maintenance Group (CEPT)
SRR Short Range Radar
SRS Space Research Service
SSB Space Science Board (of the US NAS)
SSC Swedish Space Corporation
SSR Secondary Surveillance Radar
SSR Surface Search Radar
SWAS Submillimeter Wave Astronomy Satellite (NASA)


Committee on Radio Astronomy Frequencies