Nançay FR606

The LOFAR station FR606 is located at the Nançay Radio Observatory. It consists of two separate antenna arrays: the low band array (LBA, 96 dual polarisation antennas) and the high band array (HBA, 96 tiles of 16 dual-polarisation antennas). It is part of LOFAR (, but it can also be used as a standalone instrument. Observations in “international mode” are handled by the International LOFAR Telescope (ILT) consortium. Observations in “stand-alone mode” are handled by a local committee.

geographic longitude:   02° 11′ 33″
geographic latitude:   47° 22′ 32″
altitude above sea level:   136 m
low band array:   96 dual polarisation antennas
high band array:   96 tiles of 16 dual-polarisation antennas

Available observing mode: array mode.

Frequencies used currently:

Frequency band Observing mode
 10 – 90 MHz  low band
 30 – 90 MHz low band
110 – 190 MHz high band
170 – 230 MHz high band
210 – 270 MHz high band

Research programs: cosmic magnetism of the nearby universe, ultra high energy cosmic rays, epoch of deionisation, solar physics and space weather, deep extra galactic surveys, transients and pulsars.

Committee on Radio Astronomy Frequencies