Humain telescope

The Humain radio observatory in Belgium is active in the spectral radio observations and monitoring of the Sun.

geographic longitude:  05° 15′ 12″
geographic latitude:  50° 11′ 31″
altitude above sea level:  294 m
antenna diameter:  6 m

Available observing mode: single dish

Frequencies used currently:

Frequency band Observing mode
 45 – 870 MHz  single dish (wide-band solar spectral observations)
 275 – 1475 MHz*  single dish (wide-band solar spectral observations)
 1 – 11 GHz**  single dish (radiometric measurement of solar flux)

Research programs: solar research.

* A new USRP spectrometer is being developed for frequencies up to 3000 MHz.

** The receiver is under construction.

Committee on Radio Astronomy Frequencies