The Erciyes University Radio Observatory is a radio astronomy observatory operated by the Astronomy and Space Sciences Observatory Research and Development Center at Erciyes University. It is located within university’s campus at Melikgazi, Kayseri in central Turkey. Currently, the observatory operates the 12.8 m (42 ft) single­ dish Cassegrain focus radio telescope.

geographic longitude:  35° 32′ 43″
geographic latitude:  38° 42′ 37″
altitude above sea level:  1054 m
diameter telescope:  12.8 m
 minimum elevation:   30°

Available observing mode: single dish.

Frequencies used currently:  

Frequency band Observing mode
 406.1 – 410 MHz  single dish – planned
1400 – 1427 MHz single dish – planned
  7.0 – 8.4 GHz single dish
10.6 – 10.7 GHz single dish – planned

Research programs: galactic research and supernova remnants

Committee on Radio Astronomy Frequencies