The Matera VLBI station is located at the Italian Space Agency “Centro di Geodesia Spaziale” (CGS) near Matera, a small town in the South of Italy. The CGS of the Italian Space Agency came into operation in 1983 with the installation of a Satellite Laser Ranging SAO-1 System. In May 1990 the CGS extended its capabilities to Very Long Baseline Interferometry (VLBI) installing a 20-m radiotelescope.

Matera 20m dish
Matera 20m dish
geographic longitude: 16° 42′ 14.45″
geographic latitude: 40° 38′ 58.28″
altitude above sea level: 544 m
diameter telescope: 20 m
 minimum elevation:  5°

Available observing mode:  Very Long Baseline Interferometry (VLBI).

Frequencies used currently:

Frequency band  Observing mode
2210 – 2450 MHz  VLBI
8180 – 8980 MHz  VLBI

Research programs: IVS (Geodesy)

Committee on Radio Astronomy Frequencies