The URAN-1 radio telescope

A station of URAN decameter interferometer network, the URAN-1 telescope is situated in Zmiiv, Kharkiv Region, Ukraine. It is operated by Institute of Radio Astronomy of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (Kharkiv).

geographic longitude:  36° 21′ 13′′
geographic latitude:  49° 39′ 57′′

Antenna specifications

Frequency range: 8-32 MHz (up to 40 MHz possible)
Antenna type: antenna array of wideband dipoles
Number of array elements: 96 (4 × 24)
Antenna array dimensions: 200 × 29 m
Effective area: 5 500 m2 at 20 MHz
Antenna polarizations: two linear polarizations
Best beam width (HPBW): × 30° (at 25 MHz)








Committee on Radio Astronomy Frequencies