RAS Radio Regulations

Recommendation ITU-R RA.769-2 Protection criteria used for radio astronomical measurements
Recommendation ITU-R M.1583-1 Interference calculations between non-geostationary mobile-satellite service or radionavigation-satellite service systems and radio astronomy telescope sites
Recommendation ITU-R RA.314-10 Preferred frequency bands for radio astronomical measurements
Report ITU-R RA.2188 Power flux-density and e.i.r.p. levels potentially damaging to radio astronomy receivers
Recommendation ITU-R S.1586 Calculation of unwanted emission levels produced by a non-geostationary fixed-satellite service system at radio astronomy sites
Recommendation ITU-R M.1316-1 Principles and a methodology for frequency sharing in the 1610.6-1613.8 MHz and 1660-1660.5 MHz bands between the mobile-satellite service (Earth-to-space) and the radio astronomy service
Recommendation ITU-R RA.1860 Preferred frequency bands for radio astronomical measurements in the range 1-3 THz
Report ITU-R RA.2332-0

Compatibility and sharing studies between the radio astronomy service and IMT systems in the frequency bands 608-614 MHz, 1 330-1 400 MHz, 1 400-1 427 MHz, 1 610.6-1 613.8 MHz, 1 660-1 670 MHz, 2 690-2 700 MHz, 4 800-4 990 MHz and 4 990-5 000 MHz 

 Recommendation ITU-R RA.1513-2

Levels of data loss to radio astronomy observations and percentage-of-time criteria resulting from degradation by interference for frequency bands allocated to the radio astronomy service on a primary basis 

Committee on Radio Astronomy Frequencies